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Accelerate your Rendering with the new Quadro RTX Server


July 14, 2019 — 
Content production is undergoing a massive surge as render complexity and quality increases. Designers and artists across industries strive to produce more visually rich content faster than ever, but they’re bound by inefficient CPU-based solutions. NVIDIA RTX™ Server brings GPU-accelerated power and performance to deliver the most efficient, comprehensive rendering solution, from interactive sessions in the desktop to final batch rendering in the data center.

NVIDIA RTX Server is a highly configurable reference design for on-demand rendering and virtualization solutions in the data center. Connect multiple NVIDIA Quadro RTX™ 6000 and 8000 GPUs with NVIDIA NVLink™ for massive, scaled render nodes with up to 96 GB of memory. Serve multiple high-end virtual workstations with NVIDIA® Quadro® Virtual Data Center Workstation (Quadro vDWS) software for remote, shared, and multi-GPU configurations. Or partition it to provide both virtual workstations and dedicated render GPUs in a single server. Experience unprecedented rendering and compute performance at a fraction of the cost, space, and power requirements with NVIDIA RTX Server.

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