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Innovation in Packaging Development: Altair and PTIS, LLC Join Forces to Bring the Future of Packaging Solutions to Reality

November 27, 2017 — 
Altair (Nasdaq: ALTR) and PTIS, LLC have begun collaborating to transform the packaging industry. Operating on a global scale, the two companies possess unparalleled expertise in the engineering software and packaging industries respectively, and are aligned to deliver actionable winning results for clients. Modeling and simulation technologies are critical drivers of innovation in the packaging field, and will help to create enhanced systems for productivity to improve the industry’s future, as well as the business aspects it affects.

“The search for new innovation plays a central role for companies with plans to stay at the forefront of packaging design,” said Anthony Norton, Executive Vice President, Altair Product Design, Americas. “We work with companies across the world to help achieve their product development objectives through a blend of design creativity and in-depth engineering expertise. Our collaboration with PTIS will increase opportunities to enhance customer and consumer experiences, drive technology integration, and identify sustainable improvements across the value chain.”

The joint solution offered by Altair and PTIS leverages modeling and simulation in the packaging industry in four main areas:
  • Developing package design to anticipate the users’ needs as opposed to reacting to them
  • Optimizing the manufacturing process for more efficient production
  • Mapping out the distribution environment and supply chain to improve product delivery
  • Assessing user experiences in augmented, virtual and authentic realities
PTIS and its Integrated Packaging Value Model (IPVM) is the result of 20 years’ worth of foresight driven programs. IPVM looks at where the packaging industry is headed and provides insight into the many ways that packaging connects to broader trends and drivers impacting business. Altair’s consulting group has a great level of expertise to address a large portion of this model by applying the HyperWorks software suite to problems concerning technology, design, research and development and automation, and the recent acquisition of Carriots brings a new level of understanding to the Internet of Things (IoT) as well. All of this together creates a joint process that will contribute to business growth for both companies.

“We see an opportunity to deliver a joint offering with Altair through our consulting programs, which inevitably expose customers to the HyperWorks platform. Altair can work with our clients to train them on the software, or take on the package development project entirely, to help us all achieve a common goal,” said Brian Wagner, Co-Founder and Principle at PTIS, LLC. “We believe that leveraging these capabilities will deliver a greater range of options, efficiency and speed to market.”

For more information about PTIS, its IPVM and the services they offer, please visit For more information about Altair’s packaging solutions, go to

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