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Altair Names VirtualCAE Channel Partner for Brazil

Partnership will provide customers with solutions for the mobility, machinery, heavy equipment, and other sectors

TROY, Mich., July 14, 2022 — 

Altair (Nasdaq: ALTR), a global leader in computational science and artificial intelligence (AI), announced that it is welcoming VirtualCAE, a national engineering, technology, simulation and innovation company, as a new channel partner for the Brazilian market. VirtualCAE will offer Altair’s virtual simulation solutions and services for a range of industry sectors, including the mobility (on-road equipment, agricultural machinery, automotive, including heavy vehicle manufacturers), aeronautics, and oil and gas sectors, among others.

The partnership will enable the democratization of Altair’s simulation and data analytics solutions by providing small- and medium-sized organizations with world-class, intuitive software capabilities. 

“Altair is a major provider of simulation, data, and vehicle dynamics solutions, and our customers include all of Brazil’s automotive industry companies,” said Valdir Mendes Cardoso, Brazil country manager, Altair. “Together with VirtualCAE, we will expand our presence and offer products like Altair SimSolid, EDEM, Radioss, and MotionSolve, all renowned for their vehicle dynamics analysis prowess and power.”

"The partnership with Altair represents the union of two leaders in optimization and multidisciplinary simulation software. The two companies have a strong synergy and a commitment to spread the usage and adoption of optimization technologies, providing not only software, but also services and training," said Valmir Fleischmann, operations director, VirtualCAE. "Altair's products, such as Altair OptiStruct, expand our offer beyond topological optimization and advance to topographic, shape, and parametric optimization. We know how much optimization can bring benefits to Brazilian customers, both related to the reduction of mass to overcome raw material cost increases and to meet energy efficiency criteria, as well as those related to the reduction of development time."

Among the sectors that stand to benefit most from the new partnership is the automotive sector, where VirtualCAE has extensive expertise and Altair offers powerful solutions for electrification, crash, and vehicle rollover analysis, including trucks and buses. Additionally, users can apply this technology to on-road implements, agricultural machinery, and agrobusiness in general.

Altair's automotive product portfolio has been growing rapidly, especially with the acquisitions of Powersim and SimSolid, to help meet the development needs of vehicle electrification. SimSolid is a revolutionary tool that lets users simulate complex models quickly and efficiently, which also allows users to evaluate more design alternatives.  

"SimSolid breaks paradigms by not using mesh and reduces the work of weeks into a few hours, as it performs full-featured structural analysis on CAD assemblies in minutes and eliminates geometry preparation and meshing – the two most time-consuming, experience-demanding, and error-prone tasks in conventional structural simulation,” said Fleischmann. “In my opinion, looking back over the last 10 years, the meshless technology embedded in SimSolid was the greatest innovation brought to the structural simulation market." 

Powersim acts on the design and simulation of power electronics and motor drives, offers higher simulation speed, and ensures accurate results at the system level, allowing easy implementation and seamless adoption in any environment, providing robust design and simulation for various industrial applications.

Altair works with a global network of channel and technology partners. To learn more or to become a partner, visit:

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