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The automotive industry's goal is always to create vehicles that are lighter, more efficient, and more sustainable. With Altair’s comprehensive digital twin solution – driven by the industry's premier simulation, high-performance computing (HPC), artificial intelligence and data analytics technologies – teams and organizations get unparalleled end-to-end power that unlocks innovation, saves time, and minimizes waste.

Learn more about digital twin trends in the automotive sector in this survey report. Looking for a comprehensive guide to digital twin around the world? Read the Altair Digital Twin Global Survey Report.

Global Digital Twin Vertical Report: Automotive

A deep dive into how and why automotive organizations around the world are using digital twin technology.

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Automotive Digital Twin Insights

Cropped image taken from Altair's infographic on digital twin in the automotive industry.

Digital Twins are Driving the EV Revolution

Learn how digital twin has spread in the automotive industry and what the future has in store for the technology sector and beyond. Read More

Cropped image taken from Altair's infographic on Digital Twin insights.

Why Digital Twin Adoption Rates are Skyrocketing

Learn why digital twin adoption is sweeping industries around the world, and how the technology improves organizations’ workflows, products, and processes. Read More

Cropped image taken from Altair's infographic on Digital Twin adoption insights.

Bridging the Gaps in Digital Twin Understanding, Adoption, and Usage

In this infographic, discover how manufacturing teams can build toward alignment and eliminate internal misunderstandings, disconnects, and departmental silos. Read More

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Digital Twin in Action

Accurately Predicting Electric Vehicle Range with an Intelligent Digital Twin

A conversation with Selcuk Sever, Principal Engineer at Switch Mobility, discussing its collaboration with Altair to accurately predict the range of its electric buses. With accurate range prediction, Switch Mobility can give its public transport authority customer confidence that electric buses can meet the requirements of their bus routes.

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Predicting Electric Vehicle Range Through Digital Twins

This presentation will discuss a collaboration between electric bus manufacturer, Switch Mobility, and Altair, to accurately predict the range of electric vehicles through the development and deployment of a digital twin. With accurate range prediction, Switch Mobility can give its public transport authority customer confidence that electric buses can meet the requirements of their bus routes and be a viable alternative to traditional ICE vehicles.

Presented as part of the 3rd Altair Electric Propulsion Seminar in October 2022 in Silverstone, UK.

Speaker: Selçuk Sever, Principal Engineer – Architecture, Packaging, Virtual Series & Simulation, Switch Mobility
Duration: 10 minutes

Conference Presentations

Applying Simulation driven Digital Twin technology to the 2-wheeler Electric Vehicles

The shift from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles (EV) has provided an enormous opportunity and scope for smart electrical vehicles. The EV is a complex system involving integrated and interdisciplinary mechanical, electrical, and software aggregates. The exponential growth of smart control systems has brought forth several developments in the EV industry including Digital Twin technology. It enables close monitoring and validation of EV systems to operate at their highest efficiency to improve the economy and drive quality.

India ATC 2021

Digital Twin Platform for Optimized Product Performance | Altair

Digital twins help organizations optimize product performance, gain visibility into the in-service life of a product, know when and where to perform predictive maintenance, and how to extend a product’s remaining useful life (RUL). The Altair digital twin integration platform blends physics- and data-driven twins to support optimization throughout the products lifecycle. We take a complete, open, and flexible approach that enables your digital transformation vision on your terms.

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