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Our customers use Panopticon to support the continuous optimization of their operations. Business users, engineers, and analysts can connect to data sources, develop stream processing applications, perform on-the-fly data preparation, and build comprehensive dashboards without writing any code. Panopticon makes it easy to spot outliers, trends, clusters, and anomalies in massive amounts of fast-changing data.

Panopticon handles virtually any data source without custom code or middleware, including real-time message buses like MQTT and Kafka, complex event processing (CEP) engines, column-oriented in-memory databases, big data sources, flat files, and standard relational databases.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Business users, analysts, and engineers can access, process, monitor, and analyze the incredible volume of real-time information streaming in from connected devices, vehicles, equipment, and sensors in the fast-evolving IoT world.

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Remaining Useful Life (RUL) Analysis

Panopticon can process real-time sensor data on heat, speed, pressure, and other factors generated by any number of production machines, make on-the-fly comparisons with historical data, and amplify the accuracy of the machine learning algorithms.

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Anomaly Detection in Production Systems

Identifying unusual behaviors or patterns in machine components using sensor data can prevent small glitches from creating major operational problems. Panopticon can flag potentially serious issues without reducing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

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Trading Analytics

Buy-side and sell-side firms use Panopticon to monitor and analyze best execution, TCA, latency, client flow, MiFID II and MiFIR compliance, profitability, and more — all in real time. Traders and managers can analyze market conditions and activity to make smart timing and execution decisions and develop insights into the pricing characteristics of all liquidity providers. Panopticon enables them to understand trading behaviors for all clients across all venues.

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Compliance and Surveillance

Compliance officers use the platform to analyze historic order flow for execution policy breaches, view live execution performance, and compare execution histories to past activities and market data across all liquidity and execution venues in use.

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Panopticon enables risk managers to perform intraday analysis of risk profiles at the office, desk, and trader levels, analyze liquidity in compliance with BCBS 248 rules, and identify value at risk (VaR) and sensitivity trends across all book and instrument hierarchies.

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Oil and gas producers, pipeline companies, and electrical grid operators require up-to-the-second views of exactly how systems are performing. In most circumstances, the faster they can respond to an issue, the more efficiently they operate. Specific use cases include oil and gas production analysis, grid utilization monitoring, profitability analysis, capacity analysis, project performance monitoring, and customer service monitoring for call centers.

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Panopticon gives telecom network operators effective ways to correlate and analyze data streaming in from routers, towers, control systems, and third-party systems to make insightful, informed decisions. They can spot small problems before they become major outages, identify maintenance shortfalls, monitor and respond to network and infrastructure issues in real time, and proactively detect and prevent revenue leakage and fraud.

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Featured Resources

Panopticon Demo: Monitor and Analyze Real-Time Data from Oil and Gas Drilling Operations

Oil and gas wells are equipped with a variety of sensors measuring temperature, torque, friction, pressure, location, volume of production, and rate of penetration. This telemetry data streams into a central control room over low latency message buses, where engineers and analysts use Altair Panopticon to monitor and analyze that data in real time. A single Panopticon workbook can process and visualize data from any number of wells and display geospatial information and all critical parameters down to the nanosecond if needed. The software can make on-the-fly comparisons between current readings and historical time series data and alert users to potential maintenance issues before they can bring drilling to a halt.

Use Cases

Panopticon Demo: Visualize Real-Time Telemetry Data from Formula 1 Cars

In this demo, real-time telemetry data from a simulated Formula 1 car on the Austria-Spielberg track is being delivered to Panopticon, which is then applying a series of statistical functions to the data on-the-fly and visualizing the results in a user-built dashboard. The system enables users to set alerts for critical parameters that may drift out of range during a race, visualize cumulative data for all streams, and perform comparisons with historical reference data for the car being monitored, other cars, other laps, other races, and more. The ability to visualize streaming data in real time and then drill down to investigate anomalies enables managers to understand the causal relationships that cause problems and reveal opportunities to improve performance.

Use Cases

Panopticon Demo: Monitor Equity Trading Activity in Real Time

This video shows how to use Altair's real time visual analytics platform to monitor and analyze equity trading activity and performance. Traders and managers can identify potential threats to profitability and act immediately during the trading day rather than waiting for end-of-day reports. This video demonstrates how users can build fully customized dashboards to analyze execution and market data without writing any code, gain continuous insight into their trading and execution performance during order lifetimes, and produce on-demand reports. Market structure for equities changes constantly changing and is highly complex. In the US, there are 13 exchanges plus over 40 alternative trading systems (ATSs), dark pools, and other venues. Europe offers 24 exchanges and multilateral trading facility (MTFs) and 175 systematic internalisers. Firms engaged in electronic equity trading must manage, process, and visualize data streams from an increasing number of sources in order to remain competitive, and as a result must have trading analytics infrastructures that address several significant challenges, including trading and network latencies, throughput, and complex data structures. The Altair Panopticon Streaming Analytics Platform consumes true real-time and big data sources. It offers stream processing and real-time visualization capabilities that allow traders, quants, sales, risk, and compliance officers to get fast insights into market conditions and trading activity to make smarter, fully-informed decisions.

Use Cases

Monitor and Analyze Telemetry from Wind Farms in Real Time

Altair Panopticon processes and visualizes real-time operational and historical data. In this demonstration, you will see how to use a Panopticon real-time dashboard to monitor and analyze the performance of a group of wind farms, with each farm consisting of multiple turbines, using sensor data and other telemetry streaming in from the field.

Armed with up-to-the-millisecond data, operators, technicians, analysts, and managers in an energy firm can make fast, fully-informed decisions to improve the overall performance of their energy production systems, prevent revenue and production shortfalls, reduce costs, and improve system reliability. Combined with the machine learning capabilities of Altair Knowledge Studio, Panopticon can also analyze past performance and predict future outcomes.

Use Cases
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