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A Novel Approach to COPV Design Using Multiscale Modeling

A Novel Approach to COPV Design Using Multiscale Modeling

In this presentation we present an integral solution for the design of a composite pressure vessel, using a combination of TaniqWind Design software and Altair’s FE analysis software.

Within TaniqWind Design the user can design a composite pressure vessel efficiently thanks to improved mathematical models and new function panels.

TANIQ and Altair have partnered up to develop an export functionality from the design software, which creates a custom FEA export file for running the Altair multiscale modeling analysis in HyperWorks. Altair has developed their novel multiscale model as an alternative to 3D modelling which is lighter and faster to run, but still provides a high-fidelity model for in-plane stress analysis. The multiscale modeling approach is being validated in several use cases around the globe, and the first results are promising.

In this presentation we will guide you through making a design in TaniqWind, and analyzing the design using HyperWorks.

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