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Accelerate CAE and CFD with Hassle-Free HPC

Accelerate CAE and CFD with Hassle-Free HPC

High-Performance Computing (HPC) offers transformative opportunities for CAE and CFD workloads to scale out and scale up across practically all industries and applications. Unfortunately, it is often expensive or difficult to find and secure HPC expertise, even within our own IT organizations. Further, software costs and modifications to required work processes can be hurdles to HPC adoption. Leveraging unlimited software, 25+ years of sysadmin experience, and easy-to-use webportals, Altair takes the hassle out of HPC through public cloud and (on-premise) private cloud offerings with traditional and HPC-as-a-Service business models. This allows engineers and scientists to maintain focus on solving their specific problems while leveraging the latest technology and methods like multi-disciplinary design optimization, Digital Twins, AI and more.

Presented by Rick Watkins, Sr. Director, Cloud Computing at Altair, as part of Altair's Future.Industry 2024 conference.

Please note that presentations are in English by default. The following languages are available by clicking on Audio Description AD)) on screen: DE, ES, FR, IT, JA, KO , PT, ZH-CN.

Duration: 20 minutes

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