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Application of AI/ML Application in Injection Molding Operations

Application of AI/ML Application in Injection Molding Operations

Dr. Chinmaya Dandekar, Technology Manager for Digital Design and Automation at Eaton Research Labs, shares insights on how Eaton has improved the quality of life and the environment through sustainable power management technologies. Digital engineering has been a key foundational technology in enabling the development of innovative solutions, with solutions spanning the entire product lifecycle by leveraging digital data generated in various phases such as design, development, application, and manufacturing. With manufacturing operations across 300+ plants, Eaton has utilized digital manufacturing solutions to achieve sustainability targets, selectively identifying projects spanning 10 different I4.0 transformation elements such as OEE, digital work instructions, AM, digital inspection, and AI/ML-based data analytics. In this journey, the two verticals of digital manufacturing, namely physics-based simulations and manufacturing data analytics, will play a strong role, and Eaton is implementing an AI/ML solution for injection molding operations, utilizing Altair Knowledge Studio to develop an AI/ML-based process diagnosis model for predictive insights that will help improve productivity and reduce scrap.

Presented as part of Altair's 2023 Future.Industry conference.

The presentation is in English by default.  The following languages are available by clicking on Audio Description 'AD))' on the video screen: DE, ES, FR, IT, ES, PT, KO, and CN.

Duration: 20 minutes

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