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Bringing Motor Control Design to Life at ZT Innovations

Bringing Motor Control Design to Life at ZT Innovations

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ZT Innovations is a motor control consulting firm that designs algorithms and software and hardware platforms. They pride themselves on their passion for motor control design as well as the out-of-box solutions they provide for products like electric bikes, medical drills, drones, compressors, and more. They found many software tools on the market were incomplete, requiring they employ multiple tools for different steps in the process that happened sequentially. As a result, their existing solutions needed significant simulation time to accurately represent the physical system and were extending overall time to completion for clients.

Altair® PSIM™ provides a complete solution for simulation of motor controls, microgrids, and power supplies that allowed them to run a full system simulation in a single step, rather than a linear process. PSIM shortens their simulation time exponentially, allows them to be a full-service provider and instills confidence in customers that their simulations realistically represent the actual system.

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