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Defense - Wireless Communication and Spectrum Management

Defense - Wireless Communication and Spectrum Management

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For the Air Force, Army, and Navy defense sectors, Altair® WRAP™ effectively addresses the challenges of radio communication in complex environments. Born from defense industry needs, WRAP excels in providing resilient and robust communication essential for operations in rugged terrains and under the threat of electronic warfare.

WRAP supports military spectrum management with intuitive workflows, delivering comprehensive results and actionable insights. Its automated methods for frequency assignment ensure seamless compatibility with authorized utilization and band plans, streamlining communication across various military branches. Moreover, WRAP’s central management of frequency allocations facilitates coordinated efforts between military and civilian organizations on national and international levels. From designing advanced radio communication systems to ensuring electromagnetic protection, WRAP equips defense forces with the tools necessary for superior operational efficiency and security, ensuring that critical communication needs are met with precision and reliability.

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