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EMI/EMC: First to Market with Verification and Simulation

EMI/EMC: First to Market with Verification and Simulation

As a designer, the thought of EMI/EMC issues might bring you chills. As PCB simulation tools continue to improve, it’s important to incorporate signal integrity checks early in the design process. Instead of waiting for the analysis results after laying out your PCB, why not implement best practices into your verification process?

In this workshop, we will look at common EMI/EMC issues, and how they can be traced back to design best practices. We also look at how we can use rule-based verification to automatically check for indicators, saving time and money.

Attendees will learn: • Trends and industries adopting higher speed functionality. • The effect of PCB miniaturization on signal integrity. • How to use rule-based design to reduce the chances of EMI/EMC issues

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