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Frequency Analysis (AC Sweeps) with PSIM

Frequency Analysis (AC Sweeps) with PSIM

How to Set Up a Sweep for Everything.

What can be swept and how to set it up?

There are many aspects of a power converter or motor drive that are dependent on frequency. Open-loop & loop gain transfer functions, input impedance, output impedance, etc. PSIM has several powerful algorithms to generate these curves. PSIM injects and measures perturbations in the time domain, which is exactly how this analysis is performed on the bench. Users do not need to do complex math to convert their system into an average model.


Learn to easily do a frequency sweep on:

- Peak current controlled converters

- Voltage loop control

- Phase shift control

- Phase shift with duty cycle change

- dq- reference frame 3 phase inverters (2 - level, multi-level, MMC)

- Frequency-controlled resonant (LLC, etc.)

- Multi-loop control (inner current, outer voltage, etc.)

- Motor drives

- Digital control (z-domain)

- Analog control (s-domain)

- Thyristor control

- Multi-inverter droop control

- MPPT tracking

- Input impedance/output impedance


Traditional tools like SPICE force end-users to convert their topology to an average model, sometimes an impossible task, or develop a custom solution to run a glacial sweep in the time domain. With PSIM, we only need to introduce a perturbation and then select the signal we want to see its relationship to.


PSIM has several algorithms. We cover:

- When each should be used

- How to set them up

- How to troubleshoot when things go wrong

- Common mistakes


We also compare results from PSIM with RidleyWorks and SmartCtrl.

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