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Introduction to EMI Analysis and EMI Filter Design

Introduction to EMI Analysis and EMI Filter Design

Every product must be certified for electromagnetic interference (EMI) compliance. There are two aspects to the certification test: radiated emissions and conducted emissions.

Watch this webinar to learn about how our new EMI Design Suite will help with your conducted emissions.


In order to perform a simulation that includes meaningful harmonic content in the input current, several aspects need to be considered:

- A realistic switch transition, with a dv/dt and di/dt that will be similar to the real device

- Parasitic inductance for wires

- Stray coupling capacitance to ground


These three aspects can cause issues with certain simulation tools:

- Perhaps a realistic switch model is not available?

- Could it be that small nH and pF capacitors placed throughout the simulation cause the matrix equations to be too stiff to be solved efficiently?


These potential issues are not a problem for PSIM, as our level 2 devices provide enough realism, and parasitic L & C values don't cause issues to our unique simulation engine.

In this webinar, you can learn how the design suite can be used to help you design an input filter for your power supply or motor drive that will address any problem frequencies in your common mode or differential mode CM/DM input current. We go through the analysis of some example converters and motor drives and how you can use the general template for your own topologies.


Learn to:

- Use our LISN element (line impedance stabilization network) to measure DM/CM EMI noise

- Place stray capacitance to ground for common mode noise with typical values

- Setup a level 2 switch device

- Overlay a conducted EMI standard (CISPR, MIL, FCC, custom, etc.)

- Identify problem frequencies to be targeted by the filter

- Implement the filter designed by the design suite and verify


While nothing can fully replace a full EMI chamber test, with our design suite we are sure that your time in the chamber will be more productive and your certification process will be less expensive and faster.

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