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Large Platform Co-site Interference Mitigation

Large Platform Co-site Interference Mitigation

Platforms like frigates, fighter aircraft and armored vehicles tend to contain many transmitting and receiving antennas for a variety of electronic systems such as communication systems (including SATCOM), radar, positioning systems, and more. Even though these systems may operate on different frequencies, due to their proximity they may interfere. To analyze for co-site interference using electromagnetics simulation solutions requires...

(a) accurate determination of the coupling between antennas over a broad frequency range, even if platforms are complicated, and no direct line of sight may exist,

(b) evaluation of the impact of non-linear electronic effects including harmonics, intermodulation, IF breakthrough, image frequency, Tx and Rx spectra, and receiver blocking.

Altair’s full system solution for analysis of co-site interference will be presented in this webinar, along with a practical example where an interference problem is identified and eliminated.

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