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Levers of Innovation in Advanced Engineering Simulation

Levers of Innovation in Advanced Engineering Simulation

Innovation in, innovation out: For engineers to design game-changing products, they need solutions that go beyond the status quo. The hardware and software you invest in must be designed for both known and unknown challenges, so your computing solution keeps pace with your team's creativity and insight.

What does this look like? Innovative processor technologies that deliver more than just the standard generational boost. Toolkits that make optimizing application performance easy. Extreme scalability, from the lab to the cloud. And a partnered approach to solution design and delivery that maximizes value and time to onboard. In this session, we will outline our recipe for a future-proofed engineering infrastructure with the levers you need to remove barriers to innovation.

You will learn how AMD's product roadmap is designed for engineering environments of all sizes and hear how our users leverage technologies like 3D V-Cache and FPGAs to drive up efficiency and reduce system TCO.

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