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Make Machine Learning Work for You

Make Machine Learning Work for You

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Protecting consumers and enterprises involved in online transactions is just one example of how machine learning (ML) influences our daily lives. In fact, the list of use cases is already long, diverse and growing fast. The reason is clear – ML is a game-changing tool that enables organizations to make better decisions faster. What's more, ML is highly effective at balancing conflicting objectives.

Given the breadth and depth of potential use cases, one thing is clear – more and more people will find themselves working in environments where ML plays a critical role. And thanks to the emergence of low-code and no-code software, ML is no longer the exclusive preserve of programmers, data scientists, and people who paid attention in math class. More of us can, and will, be involved in developing and deploying practical ML solutions.

This eGuide will help you understand the key concepts behind ML, some common applications, and how ML becoming more useful to people at all levels of the modern organization.

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