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Maritime and Rail - Radar Planning and Wireless Communication

Maritime and Rail - Radar Planning and Wireless Communication

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The maritime and rail industries require safe and seamless communication. The solution lies in comprehensive and efficient planning tools. Altair® WRAP™, along with Altair® Feko® and Altair® WinProp™, offers a robust system tailored for these industries. 

For maritime applications, WRAP ensures full coverage for radio communication, navigation systems, and coastal surveillance radars, which are crucial for safety in busy coastal waters. It simplifies finding ideal locations for radars and coastal radio stations, achieving optimal coverage of territorial waters and economic zones. Utilizing detailed geographical data and advanced radio wave propagation models, WRAP identifies and addresses blind spots, enhancing maritime safety and operational efficiency.

In railway communication networks, WRAP's integrated tools allow for meticulous coverage, interference, and redundancy planning, ensuring reliability even during base station failures. WRAP's cost and coverage optimization determines the best base station placements and reveals optimum antenna heights. This optimization extends to frequency assignments and interference analysis, guaranteeing minimal interference and maximal communication reliability. 

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