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Monte Carlo, Sensitivity & Fault Simulations with PSIM

Monte Carlo, Sensitivity & Fault Simulations with PSIM

In this webinar, we dive into our new analysis tools which automate Monte Carlo, Sensitivity, and Fault analysis. If you don't know what these are then you should probably watch the video!

These tools can help you understand how your converter or motor drive will "work" in a variety of scenarios. The basic idea is that no two components will be identical so we need to check how components that still meet the manufacturer's specifications will work when included in a design. The setup and analysis are automated.

The Monte Carlo tool allows users to define a probability distribution for a component and see how the design reacts.

The Sensitivity tool helps users determine the impact of one component on a specific design parameter.

The Fault tool allows users to introduce short circuits across any element or to change the parameter value and see how this impacts things like output voltage, device current, input current, etc.

We show some straightforward demos and combine this new feature with our EMI Design Suite to get a greater understanding of the effect of variation in the filter, common-mode caps, and parasitic inductance on a design.

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