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Use State Machines with PSIM's Embedded Code Generation

Use State Machines with PSIM's Embedded Code Generation

Learn how to use state machines with PSIM's embedded code generation. State machines can be quickly and easily defined using PSIM's embedded code generation. This webinar covers the basics and also shows some example case studies where state machines are used to control program execution.

State machines are incredibly useful for dealing with pre-defined situations where a controller needs to execute certain functions that should not be performed in other situations. Typical states include startup, normal execution, & failure. State machines defined in PSIM allow you to define what variable changes will trigger the move from one state to the next. Additionally, the state machine can be simulated by PSIM and the flow between states is graphical, which allows for an easy understanding of what variables cause what state transitions.


Basic concepts covered:

- How to define a state

- How to define a state variable

- How to define a state transition

- Some rules regarding input and outputs to a state


Design case studies covered:

- Real motor drive with startup, normal operation, failure

- 3-phase inverter with real-time Typhoon HIL control verification


Partner products used: Typhoon HIL 604

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