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Visualize Power Flows in Real Time

Visualize Power Flows in Real Time

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The Electric Storage Company is a Northern Ireland-based firm that manages electric power in households from renewable sources using battery storage and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. The company installs smart batteries in homes and communities, along with sophisticated management software that lets homeowners sell excess energy back to grid operators when prices are high and helps them maintain the lowest possible energy input costs.

Managing varieties of base load and intermittent renewable power sources requires the ability to ingest, process, and analyze high frequency information emanating from the grid and thousands of devices. The company needs real-time insight into energy markets, the grid, battery systems, and generation facilities, as well as customer-level power consumption patterns. Understanding consumption and generation trends optimizes power routing and battery storage and ensures that power sold back to the grid or on the open market is fetching the best possible price.

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