Altair® Smart Product Development Package

You’re a dynamic, fast startup that’s looking to redefine product standards by optimizing existing products and developing new innovations. You want to save time and resources by employing simulation tools and need a trusted partner to help you navigate your complex development challenges.

The Altair Smart Product Development package delivers powerful solutions that will accelerate product development and turbocharge your startup’s growth. We help startups expand their engineering and simulation capabilities with software tools that organizations can use throughout the development process. From concept design and manufacturability, to modeling and visualization software, solvers, and post-processing tools, we have it all.

The Right Tools for You

Whether you're developing smart connected products, components for e-motors, renewable energy solutions, industrial machinery, or verifying a design for manufacturability, this package puts industry-leading tools at your fingertips.

Scale Up and Succeed with Altair

To get startups moving as quickly as possible, we offer all our Startup Program packages at a discounted price and include full support and training from our experts. The Smart Product Development package is valid for three years and includes joint marketing opportunities, free online training, and up to 16 hours of support to get you started. In addition, this package also includes up to 3 hours of consulting for specific product development questions.

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