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When engineering students participate in international collegiate design competitions, they gain invaluable experience in project management, teamwork, communication, design, manufacturing, and other skillsets. At Altair, we believe these skills are essential for the next generation of designers, engineers, architects, product developers, and do-it-all innovators who will champion tomorrow’s breakthroughs and discoveries – that’s why we’ve been a proud and active technology sponsor of competitive collegiate design teams from around the world for more than 30 years.

Types of Teams We Support

We support student teams that demonstrate their engineering skills in all competitions including:

How We Support Teams

Full Version Licenses

Student teams get access to comprehensive, full-version licenses to all Altair solutions like Altair® Inspire™, Altair® SimSolid®, and more. With an Altair sponsorship, you’ll utilize solutions that reduce design time, maximize performance, minimize vehicle weight, and optimize aerodynamics. We look forward to supporting your team with cutting-edge technology!

Training Material

As a student team, you also get access to training videos, webinar recordings, and tutorials created specifically for your team’s needs. Our resource library includes materials focused on prior student competitions and designs, and includes workshops held by previous winning teams alongside Altair experts.

Software Support

Lastly, you can access Altair support at any time. If you’re struggling with an issue that isn’t covered in the resource library, you can ask our experts for help solving your thorniest obstacles. Our world-class support team can provide best practices, tips, and tricks that will help your team get the best out of your designs and ideas.

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Featured Resources

Going Off-Road with Michigan Baja Racing

Michigan Baja Racing (MBR) is a collegiate race team in the North American Baja SAE intercollegiate competition. The team designs, builds, and tests a new single-seater off-road race car from scratch every year to compete against hundreds of other teams across the United States. The competition consists of a design presentation and other static events. The main dynamic events are acceleration, maneuverability, hill climb, suspension and traction (S&T), and a four-hour endurance race.

Customer Stories

Cal Poly Pomona Uses HyperWorks to Design a Winning Formula SAE Racecar

Cal Poly Pomona applies HyperWorks to optimize the design of a new wheel shell and analyze laminates for a SAE Formula student racecar.


Student Racing Team from Politecnico di Torino uses HyperWorks to Improve Weight, Manufacturability, and the Performance of Race Car

The students used HyperWorks which resulted in a weight reduction of 30% for those parts that were taken under consideration.

Customer Stories

A Nose Cone for Winning: ARUS Andalucía Racing Team Improves Impact Characteristics of Formula SAE Car

When Ana Casares Crespo, a former member of the ARUS Andalucía Racing team from University Seville in Spain, was looking for a final degree project, the team was inspired by the capabilities of Altair’s software. They came up with the idea to improve the impact properties of the vehicle nose cone laminate with the help of simulation. With more than seven students actively using Altair products to improve various aspects of the vehicle, the decision to incorporate Altair tools was an obvious choice. They wanted to make use of the knowledge they had gained from previous studies for structural design of aerodynamic packages. The team conducted static analysis and topological optimization using tools from the Altair HyperWorks™ suite, which helped them create optimized, lighter components. To improve the impact properties of a Formula SAE car’s nose cone laminate, the Altair solution included structural analysis, and topology optimization verifying structural behavior of a new material. The benefits were improved impact characteristics and fracture properties, and lighter components.

Customer Stories
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