Modules Included

Module: TIM Studio:  TIM Studio is an intuitive web interface to Tangent Works' end-to-end platform for time-series projects.

In essence, TIM Studio is a workbench to quickly explore the predictive value in your data and experiment with time-series forecasting, anomaly detection, classification, and root cause analysis. It brings the power of machine learning to the fingertips of even novice users without sacrificing speed, accuracy, or configurability.

Apart from machine learning experimentation and exploration of predictive value, the TIM Studio is also your cockpit for predictive model operations and governance.

Modules Not Currently Available Through the APA

Module: TIM API:  The Tangent Information Modeler (TIM) is a powerful model-building engine for time-series data. It offers many capabilities for powerful, hyperautomated forecasting and anomaly detection.

The TIM solution is composed of a range of microservices built to deliver dedicated functionality. The microservices work together to provide a well-oiled solution that’s available through a unified REST API. This service-oriented architecture with its message-driven communication and orchestration model is  both robust and flexible.

Module: TIM Python Client: The TIM Python client introduces a fast and easy way to use TIM in any Python project. As an abstraction over TIM's API, it encapsulates the logic into useful and performant functions, helping users go from time-series data to insights that can generate business value.