Topology Optimization

Topology optimization is a technology for developing optimized structures considering design parameters like expected loads, available design space, materials, and cost. Embedded early in the design process, it enables the creation of designs with minimal mass and maximal stiffness.

First Time Right

Create optimal designs early in the design process and significantly reduce costs associated with design failure.

Exceed Performance Targets

Maximize performance by designing parts and assemblies that can withstand all real-world conditions and loads. These designs are often stronger, lighter weight, and require less material.

Design for Manufacturability

Find the best distribution of material given an optimization goal and a set of constraints designed for traditional or advanced manufacturing.

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Topology Optimization for Any Manufacturing Method

Altair’s industry leading topology optimization tools include shape optimization that focuses on multiple manufacturing processes. These topology optimization tools are built to consider and adhere to the rules and specs of multiple different manufacturing methods. Some of these rules include: symmetry patterns, draw direction, cavity avoidance, overhand angles, and more.

Topology Optimization Technologies

The Altair® Inspire™ platform is the most powerful and easy-to-use generative design,topology optimization, and rapid simulation solution for design engineers. Inspire offers a number of topology options including: optimization objectives, stress and displacement constraints, acceleration, gravity, and temperature loading conditions.

Altair® OptiStruct® is the original topology optimization structural design tool. While some are still discovering how this technology can help designers and engineers rapidly develop innovative, lightweight, and structurally efficient designs, for over two decades OptiStruct® has driven the design of products you see and use every day.

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