Using Altair EDEM for Agricultural Machinery Design

Watch examples of applications of EDEM in the design of agricultural machinery such as combine harvesters, tillage tools, and grain handling systems.

EDEM software, powered by the Discrete Element Method (DEM), simulates and analyze the behavior of grains, seeds, crops and soils. It enables engineers to predict the behavior of materials and their impact on their machines as well as getting key insights into machine-soil and machine-crops interactions.

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EDEM Simulation of Combine Harvester

EDEM capabilities allow for simulation of various processes inside a combine harvester, including screw auger systems and grain sieving. EDEM's advanced capabilities also enable modeling of flexible straws to analyze their behavior in straw walkers, cutting heads and other fragments of a combine.

Use Cases

EDEM Simulation of Rotovator

This video shows how EDEM can be used to simulate soil-machine interaction in order to optimize the design of a single shaft rotovator and achieve better pulverization quality.

Use Cases

EDEM Simulation of Potato Harvester

Assess Grading, Segregation Performance & Crop Damage.

This video shows potatoes being conveyed through a fragment of a potato harvester. The equipment parts simulated include picking table web, grading rollers and a floor bunker. The video demonstrates how EDEM can be used to test different equipment designs and presents examples of analysis that can be performed.

Use Cases

EDEM Simulation of Swather Raking Grass

This video shows a swather - an agricultural machine that rakes mowed grass into windrows. Using EDEM it is possible to simulate the grass and its interaction with the machine in order to optimize the design and process. The grass was simulated in EDEM using flexible fibers and the simulation was run on GPU – for quick processing time.

Use Cases
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