AlphaCell by Matelys

Solution to Simulate the Vibro-acoustic Response of Multi-layer Systems

Based on an intuitive interface, AlphaCell features an extended material library, project management for simulations, customizable PDF report generation of the simulations, and data export/import for FE material cards.

Why AlphaCell?

A Team Tool

Focus on your expertise and share it with an easy interface, quick model setup, fast computations, and broad interoperability.

Understand, Select, Design, and Optimize

An extensive material library, assistant for result interpretation, and a full set of relevant vibro-acoustic quantities are provided.

A Reference for NVH

Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) is fully validated against measured data and supported by state of the art publications and research.

Key Features

Intuitive Setup

The intuitive interface enables efficiency. Drag and drop the materials from the library to build your systems, one click to compute, and drop the file for measured data comparison.

Comprehensive Simulations

State of the art representations of materials such as solids, visco-elastic materials, perforated plates, textiles and non-woven, felts, foams, and resonators are simulated.

Broad Interoperability

Experience interoperability through the export of material cards, frequency data, and models for investigations at the system level.

Fully Scriptable

Full scripting features using Altair Compose®, Python or Matlab® / Octave are offered.

Model Condensation

Reduce your mesh size without compromizing the accuracy. Targeted systems comprise corrugated plates, stiffened plates, constrained layers, and composites.

Unique Features

One can listen to the solution efficiency, compute the thermal properties, combine several material patches, and exploit the wave number representation to assess the system.