Altair CFD™

Unparalleled breadth of CFD simulation solutions

Altair CFD offers a comprehensive set of tools to solve fluid mechanics problems. Whether you are looking to perform thermal analysis of buildings, predict aerodynamics of vehicles, optimize gearbox oiling, reduce cooling fan noise, or develop innovative medical devices, Altair CFD can help.

Several methods are available, including:

These solutions are all available within a single license, enabling companies to address a wide range of applications while minimizing software expense.

Why Altair CFD?

Altair CFD Simulation enabling engineers to solve all fluids problems irrespective of industry.

A Solution to Each Problem

Altair CFD simulation includes all the major CFD technologies, enabling engineers to solve all fluids problems regardless of their industry or application.

CFD Simulation comes with one License and multiple solvers

One License, Multiple Solvers

Altair’s unique units-based license system provides access to all tools within a single license. It is scalable, easily deployable, and highly cost-effective.

Altair’s Turnkey HPC and Cloud

Turnkey HPC and Cloud

Altair’s turnkey on-premises and cloud-based appliances box up software, system administration, and infrastructure as a service, delivering unlimited use of Altair software.

Key Features

Multiple Solutions Available

Altair CFD simulation includes multiple robust, fast, and accurate solvers providing engineers with the most appropriate technology for each application and reducing modeling turnaround times.

High-performance Solvers

All solvers are optimized for use on clusters of GPUs for faster and more efficient simulations regardless of the scale and complexity.

Efficient Workflows

Altair CFD solvers and pre- and post-processing tools are connected by a common, intuitive interface in Altair® HyperWorks® to ensure seamless software deployment.

Unique Aero-acoustics Capability

Altair CFD simulation provides the capability to accurately predict aero-acoustic noise from rotating equipment such as fans and wind turbines.

Solve Complex Multiphysics Problems

A range of coupling solutions are available with other Altair tools to simulate fluid-structure interaction (FSI) and thermomechanics.

Coupling with the Discrete Element Method

Users can perform coupled CFD-DEM simulations with Altair® EDEM™ to accurately simulate particle-fluid systems such as fluidized beds, spray coating, spreading, and more.