American Magic boat racing in the water.

Altair and American Magic Join Forces for the 37th America’s Cup

The America’s Cup – considered one of the hardest competitions to win in sports – is a trophy the New York Yacht Club (NYYC) knows well, having won it 25 times dating back to 1851. In the campaign to win title number 26, the NYYC’s American Magic team turned to Altair to leverage the market’s premier simulation, artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and high-performance computing (HPC) technology. Discover how computational intelligence is driving unprecedented innovation in one of the world’s most exciting, most technologically demanding competitions.

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Data Analytics Makes the Difference

Fine margins define the America's Cup. See why the American Magic team trusted Altair's data analytics and AI solutions to deliver unparalleled insights.

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Simulating for Success

Discover why the American Magic team turned to Altair’s structural analysis and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tools in their quest for sailing’s most coveted trophy.

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Hitting the Water

The partnership between Altair and American Magic runs deep. Explore the variety of content below to see the full story on how the two organizations came together for sailing success.


Two Innovators in Search of America’s Cup Glory

Discover how Altair and American Magic came together for unparalleled sailing innovation in the hunt for the sport’s most prestigious trophy. Read More


Data Analytics Drives Innovation in the 37th America’s Cup

No America’s Cup team can thrive without next-gen data analytics. See how the Altair® RapidMiner® platform gave American Magic access to world-class data capabilities. Read More


Optimizing Critical CFD and Structural Analyses for the America’s Cup

Learn how the Altair® HyperWorks® design and simulation platform helped the American Magic team design a yacht that’s as fast, light, and durable as possible. Read More


Case Study: Simulation Leads the Fleet

World-class sailing teams need world-class simulation technology. Learn how Altair’s legacy of simulation excellence gave the American Magic team the structural, CFD, and topology optimization tools they needed to succeed. Read More

Case Study: Data Analytics Propel Sailing Glory

To equip their experts with best-in-class data analytics capabilities, American Magic turned to Altair. In this case study, see how Altair’s data tools and expertise gave their team a competitive edge. Read More

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