ATCx Electrification 2023

Breaking Silos with Holistic Electrification Solutions

Below is the collection of presentations from the ATCx Electrification 2023 virtual event. Learn about Altair’s electrification solutions enable companies to achieve their sustainability goals and reduce time-to-market for electrification of heavy-duty aircraft, automotive, and system components.

Please note that presentations are in English by default. Subtitles in additional languages available by clicking on Audio Description AD)) on video player.

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Featured Presentations

Creating a More Sustainable Electric Mobility Future
Vincent Leconte | Senior Director - Electrification Solutions, Altair
Dr. Lars Fredriksson | Senior Vice President – Strategic Solutions, Altair

Panel Discussion: Next Generation of E-Motors
Christian Kehrer | Business Development Manager, Altair
Letizia Ferrara | Senior Application Engineer, Altair
Dr. Miklos Gäbler | Program Director Aerospace, Axyal Propulsion
Ahmed Selema | PhD Research Engineer, Ghent University

Fireside Chat: with Dr. Royton Jones and Maximilian Szwaj
Dr. Royton Jones | Senior Vice President, Automotive at Altair
Maximilian Szwaj | VP Lotus Tech & Managing Director, LTIC of Lotus Tech Innovation Centre GmbH


Beyond Powertrain

Enedym PRISM: Platform for Rapid, Integrated Systems Modeling
Dr. Berker Bilgin | Co-Founder and VP of Engineering, Enedym

Advanced Simulation for Electric Vehicles: Lightweight Solutions and Thermal Management
Davide Berti Polato | CAE, CFD, & NVH Manager, BEOND s.r.l.
Andrea Carcone | CAE & Performance Engineering Manager, BEOND s.r.l.

Paradigm Shift: Predicting Battery Lifetimes with a Visual Approach to Data Science
Oliver Clark | Senior Solution Architect, Altair

Beyond Lightweighting

High-Performance Axial Flux Propulsion Unit for Green Aviation
Christian Kehrer | Business Development Manager - Systems Integration, Altair
Dr. Miklos Gäbler | Program Director Aerospace, Axyal Propulsion

Designing Innovative Electric Actuation And Sensor Systems for Aero
Valentin Bourgeat | Electromechanical Engineer, Crouzet

Numerical Analysis for Sizing Electric Vehicle Batteries Considering Energy Drain Power
Raphael Barbosa Carneiro de Lima | Senior Innovation Engineer, Maxion Structural Components

Beyond Propulsion

How to Select the Right Electrification System
Ronald Kett | Program Manager Activate, Altair

Design and Optimization of Synchronous Motors for Aeronautical Electromechanical Actuators
Marta Ocaña | Senior Multi-Physics Simulation Engineer, Héroux-Devtek David Camacho Pernil | Junior Electromagnetic Simulation Engineer, Héroux-Devtek

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