CFD Simulation Solution Supporting the Development of Conventional and Electrified Powertrains

AVL FIRE M is a multi-domain simulation software, which allows users to compute simultaneously non-reacting single phase flows, heat transfer, and solid temperatures in systems without moving boundaries.

FIRE M as of today includes the following components: Computer aided design (CAD) data import, CAD repair workflow, grid generation, model setup, job submission, and post-processing.

FIRE M users can directly import geometry data various native and common exchange formats. Imperfect data can be repaired using the offered CAD repair capabilities.

FIRE M offers two meshing tools, FAME Poly and FAME Block. Both tools allow the generation of boundary fitted meshes with grid boundary layers of user defined thickness.


Advanced Multiphysics Simulations

Experience advanced multiphysics simulations within a single simulation environment.

Battery and Fuel Cell Parameterization

Seamless battery and fuel cell model parameterization are enabled by wizards based on measurement data.

Temperature Prediction

FIRE M provides temperature prediction of high-fidelity multi-domain thermal analysis.

Key Features

One Simulation Environment

The entire CFD workflow is in one simulation environment.

Supports Multiple Domains

Fluid, thermal, electromagnetics, and electro-chemistry domains are supported.

E-Component Simulation Capabilities

E-component simulation capabilities for fuel cell, battery, e-machine, and power electronics are provided.

Peculiar Eulerian Multiphase Models

Models for applications involving quenching, liquid jet cooling, injector flow with moving geometries, cavitation, and flash boiling phenomena are offered.

Conform Meshing

FIRE M provides conform meshing of multi-domains and the full control of the wall mesh layers.

Unique Numerical Algorithm

Unique numerical algorithm covering both body-fitted meshes and embedded solid meshless approach (cut-cell method) is provided.