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5 Reasons to Move to HPC in a Box with Altair Unlimited

High-performance computing doesn’t have to be hard. In today’s demanding technology environment, HPC has become a must-have in industries from healthcare to aerospace. But barriers like system complexity, maintenance cost, software licensing, and access to HPC expertise have held some organizations back.

With the Altair® Unlimited™ appliance — available as either physical hardware or virtual infrastructure in the cloud — you get easy access to the HPC you need to get the job done.


1. Unlimited Software Access

Get more done with unlimited access to a wide variety of Altair applications. The Altair Unlimited appliance comes with tools for simulations of mechanics, fluids, electromagnetic fields and more, including modeling, visualization, and optimization. To keep it all working at maximum efficiency, HPC management and user-friendly web portal software comes included with every system. Applications include Altair® Radioss®, Altair® OptiStruct®, Altair® CFD™, the full Altair® HPCWorks™ suite, and more.

We’ve designed the solution to support third-party software via a bring-your-own-license model, so not only do you get the power of Altair solutions, but you can also use all the third-party tools you need.

Unlimited access makes software licensing easy for teams that are constantly moving and growing. Even the most dynamic teams can maintain one predictable cost instead of juggling expensive licenses.


2. Turnkey Hardware with Tailored HPC

Choose from appliance configurations tailored for your needs, including a GPU-accelerated option.

The Altair Unlimited physical appliances are built on Dell EMC high-performance computing architecture and powered by Intel® Xeon® processors. Hardware configurations are tailored to meet the needs of your specific engineering workload. In addition to an extensible compute node architecture, the Altair Unlimited physical appliance comes with generous storage, a high-speed interconnect, and all the other HPC infrastructure you need. Two types of GPU compute nodes, standard and premium, expand the appliance’s capabilities and unlock the powerful functionality of software like Altair CFD for aerodynamics.

The Altair Unlimited appliance comes pre-loaded with Altair HPCWorks, delivering all the tools you need to control your HPC resources. HPCWorks includes tools for workload management, cloud computing, remote visualization, IT analytics, and cross-domain security — everything you need to manage HPC clusters, clouds, and supercomputing environments.


3. Easy for Engineers

Engineers want to engineer, not deal with IT overhead. The Altair Unlimited appliance comes with unlimited use of Altair® Access™, an easy-to-use job submission portal for scientists, researchers, and engineers — with no IT expertise needed and no need to interface with complex HPC technology.

There’s no need for Linux system administration, writing shell scripts, or worrying about whether there are enough licenses to go around. Instead, you get a system that’s up and running on day one, giving you the ability to optimally explore your design space and ultimately get the best possible results.

The Altair Unlimited web interface, accessible via desktop or mobile, gives your team easy, secure access to HPC resources. With a single UX for local and cloud-based resources built for easy collaboration and 3D remote visualization, you can submit, monitor, steer, fix, and rerun jobs right from the portal.


4. Completely Worry-Free

Altair Unlimited is a fully managed solution, with just one number to call for support. Our team has deep industry experience and broad expertise. One package, fully managed and supported, means you can avoid the costs and headaches associated with datacenter management and software license administration, taking advantage of the power of HPC without navigating the complexities.


5. Simplified Business Model

Having one streamlined appliance makes HPC simple, and your organization’s management will like turning capital expenditures into operational expenditures. With Altair Unlimited you don’t need to spec out hardware, estimate license needs, or maintain a diverse network of equipment. We’ve already done all that for you — in one easy package.


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