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A Culture of Innovation and Diversity at Altair

Companies go to great lengths to cultivate the kinds of environments where innovation can flourish. Business journals publish article after article outlining the methods necessary to create a good culture. Organizations continue to hire costly consultants to help generate the new concepts and environments they hope will provide an edge over their competitors and satisfaction within their ranks.

In a world where workplace culture is one of the top components in attracting and retaining the talented people needed to drive advancements in technology, Altair Engineering, Inc. sets the bar high with an unexpected level of diversity for a company of its size.

The Altair global workforce comprises of almost 3,000 people, spanning 67 offices in 23 countries, touching every continent across the globe.

That diversity is seen and heard daily at our world headquarters in Troy, Michigan and in the offices around the world as employees plug in to new projects across the globe, both in person and digitally. Personnel receive major holiday announcements from the worldwide offices, with some taking time to share what the holiday means to them. Often, office areas are decorated, as with the recent example of the Chinese New Year. At the annual Thanksgiving Potluck hosted at headquarters — a staff favorite — an extensive variety of ethnic dishes join more traditional fare.

A culture that welcomes diversity also breeds innovation. Altair’s cutting-edge product suite includes offerings in CAE software, Big Data/HPC, Product Design, Staffing, LED lighting and stretch projects. We serve over 5000 clients and collaborate with 50+ ISV partners. Our corporate culture thrives on seeking out business and technology firsts. Our passion for developing and applying technology in new and inventive ways allows us to help our clients increase their level of Innovation Intelligence®.

Organizations bringing these offerings to reality require a great variety of people working together. Professionals in engineering, marketing, software, design, systems, finance, sales, to name a few, collaborate here under one umbrella! Unity of purpose among so many different perspectives puts Altair in a class of its own. Each distinct voice contributes to the greater harmony that is steadily shaping our industry.

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