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Altair Future.HPC 2022: Insight, Innovation, and Inspiration

As computational science continues evolving by leaps and bounds, the world needs ever-smarter computers, software, and server infrastructure that can handle the latest computing paradigms like exascale and cloud computing. Altair Future.HPC 2022 is your comprehensive flagship guide to the latest innovations, trends, predictions, and workflows in the world of high-performance computing (HPC). After the success of last year’s virtual event — then called the Altair HPC Summit — which was viewed by technology leaders from more than 800 organizations across the globe, we’re thrilled to once again cover the latest in the HPC sphere.

This year, you’ll hear from keynote speakers from some of the world’s computing giants — including Google, 3M, Intel, Argonne National Laboratory — and learn about the future of supercomputing from WIRED magazine’s editor-in-chief Greg Williams. In addition, you’ll get the chance to hear from expert Altair scientists and engineers who will provide tips, guides, and discussions that will help you maximize your HPC resources and take your compute infrastructure to a whole new level. We want to show you that deploying HPC is just the tip of the iceberg — below the surface, there’s a host of possibilities just waiting for you to explore and utilize.

This free event will take place remotely on May 17-18, 2022, and will feature live translations into French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese. It will also be presented in two time zones: Central European Summer Time (CEST) for the European/Middle Eastern and Asia/Pacific regions, and Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) for North and South America. Below is a condensed event agenda and summary.

Day One

Day one is all about HPC thought leadership from experts from some of the world’s most prominent organizations. For example, what technology trends will the top supercomputing centers roll out to boost performance? What are the top trends shaping the future of HPC? What does modern HPC look like, and what will HPC of the future entail? Our experts and keynote speakers will address these questions and much more and give attendees a robust understanding of the technologies and forces shaping the industry today. You’ll hear from:

  • James R. Scapa, founder, chairman, and CEO, Altair; and Joe Sorovetz, SVP, enterprise computing, Altair
  • Greg Williams, editor-in-chief, WIRED magazine
  • Dr. William Magro, chief technologist for high-performance computing, Google
  • Gabe Turner, HPC solutions architect, 3M
  • William Allcock, ALCF advanced integration group, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Mauro Bighi, CIO, PUNCH Group
  • Dr. Bill Nitzberg, CTO, Altair PBS Works; Fritz Ferstl, SVP software development, Altair; and Stuart Taylor, director of software development, Altair

Day Two

Day two provides attendees with practical tips, guides, and demonstrations that can directly improve their organizations’ HPC systems, workflows, and processes. It will touch on topics like cloud computing processes, HPC infrastructure optimization, and cloud for end users. You’ll get the chance to view the main session that features Altair experts, but you can also explore roundtable discussions and partner sessions that cover a host of varied topics perfect for any attendee — no matter your industry. Throughout the sessions, you’ll hear from:

  • William Bryce, senior vice president of HPC solutions, Altair
  • Paul O’Malley, HPC engineer, Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Gary Fox, associate director of engineering, Merck
  • Irfan Elahi, director, HPC division, National Center for Atmospheric Research
  • Binay Ackalloor, director of HPC/AI/cloud, Intel
  • Brock Taylor, global HPC solutions director, AMD
  • Jon Shelley, AI/HPC benchmarking manager and principal PM manager, Azure Compute

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Whether you’re an HPC pro or an end user who prefers to keep the complexity “under the hood,” Future.HPC is the place to connect virtually with designers, engineers, IT specialists, and data scientists accelerating innovation timelines in your industry. HPC technology is transforming the world around us and influencing organizations around the globe — together, we want to chart the future of the industry and enable all organizations to leverage technology that can create a smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable world.

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