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HPC That Works From Home

In today’s world, staying connected is more important than ever. Accessing the compute resources you need to keep discovery moving forward is vital even when working from home.

Altair Access™ helps you leverage high-performance computing (HPC) anywhere and from any device, and Altair is pleased to announce the release of Access 2020, which includes exciting feature updates that make working from home easier than ever. It’s a simple, powerful, and consistent interface for remote visualization. This tool allows you to submit and monitor HPC jobs on remote clusters, clouds, and other resources. It lets engineers and researchers focus on core activities, and it has been upgraded with new functionality including remote sessions for a powerful remote-work experience.

Altair Access users get seamless, single-step, application-aware remote job submission; integrated file management; job monitoring and results analysis; and collaboration tools to keep your workforce connected. The tool has been enhanced with user management and security with two-factor authentication, password management for Linux, and configurable session timeout.

Optimized for a remote workforce

Access 2020 gives you powerful capabilities to submit, visualize, and edit without weighing down your machine, even if your HPC infrastructure is miles away.
Choose from two modes:

  • A platform-independent, web-based viewer (Access is available for all major web browsers across major operating systems) to quickly and easily connect anywhere at any time
  • An ultra-high-performance desktop client, featuring wide-area network (WAN) optimizations for any internet speed



Plus, mobile apps for Android and iOS let users monitor jobs and check in on results — even while the job is still running. Jobs can even be resubmitted with modified inputs in case you find a problem or something interesting in the results.
Access remote sessions

We know your laptop isn’t as powerful as the cluster you’re used to working with, so with the new remote sessions feature you don’t need to transport data (which may be large) over the network. Whether you’re a batch system user performing pre and post-processing, a simulation scientist, or an engineer doing interactive modeling, Access lets you connect, get your work done, and ship the pixels to your laptop display.
Benefits include:

  • Ultra-high performance with WAN optimizations for any internet speed
  • Higher overall frame rates
  • Higher resolution support
  • Accurate, vibrant color for key applications like oil and gas

Open a remote session to work with a specific application or use it as an overall remote desktop solution. Access remote sessions work as a part of both batch (job setup and results analysis) workflows and fully interactive (run the whole engineering analysis within the session) workflows. Collaboration tools let you share a display with multiple teammates working from home, including sharing keyboard and mouse control for long-distance collaboration. Persistence allows you to close a session and return to it later to pick up exactly where you left off, even if you’re using a different device.

The Windows desktop solution for Access integrates seamlessly with applications for easy right-click job submission and automatic results retrieval. It also includes optimizations for slower or unreliable network connections so you can ensure your jobs are submitted and results are retrieved, even with disruptions.

Staying connected with your HPC resources has never been easier.

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