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Future.Industry 2022: Five Key Presentations You Might’ve Missed

We’d like to thank everyone who made this year’s Future.Industry such a success – we’re thankful our flagship global conference once again provided insight, commentary, and other valuable information for both presenters and viewers alike. 

Want to revisit this year’s top presentations or catch up on crucial material you missed? No problem – below are the five presentations that will give you the insight you need to understand this year’s top trends, technologies, and big ideas. 

1. "Digital Twin: A Path to Digital Transformations"

The first key presentation comes from Jim Scapa, Altair’s founder and chief executive officer. Scapa talks about how digital twins are revolutionizing the way people and organizations work and live, and how today’s companies can leverage digital twin technology to get a head start on their strategic goals.

Key takeaway: “Altair is pouring investment into componentizing all of our technology so both we and users can quickly develop customized solutions – and we remain firmly committed to an open-architecture philosophy.” 

2. "The Transformation Cloud: A New Era in Cloud Computing"

In this presentation, join Kirsten Kliphouse, president of Google Cloud North America, as she looks back on the history of cloud computing and foresees what the next era has in store for people around the world. How will we gather, store, access, and share data? How can cloud computing enable environmental, social, and governance (ESG) priorities? Discover these topics and more from one of today’s leading cloud providers.

Key takeaway: “Nowadays, this entire discussion around the cloud has gone way beyond, Why the cloud? and Where are we going with the cloud? to, When am I going to be in the cloud, and which cloud architecture do I need to transform my business?

3. "Requiem for a Data Scientist: How Do We Want to Be Remembered When We Are Gone?"

Have the immense promises of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning delivered? Well, sort of – they are capable of amazing things, and they’re also capable of producing lame pie charts full of stale data. So how can data scientists harness today’s technology into breakthroughs that will live on? Find out from presenter Dr. Ingo Mierswa, founder and president of RapidMiner, which was recently acquired by Altair.

Key takeaway: “We need cultural changes, we need organizational changes, and we need to make some smart investments into the right tools – [going above] trying to squeeze out another 0.1% of model accuracy. If we do these things, and if we do all of them now, we have all the chance in the world to positively shape the future.”

4. "Fly Me to the Moon"

Altair and the Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team’s collaboration doesn’t stop at the 37th America’s Cup. In this presentation, join Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team’s head of structural engineering Alessandro Franceschetti, as he leaps into the AC75, the latest foiling yacht competing in the America’s Cup, the oldest trophy in modern sport competitions. Discover how digital twin technology has changed the world of sailing, and how Altair technology keeps teams at the forefront of racing innovation.

Key takeaway: “We have the privilege and opportunity in our environment to fully test and scale 1:1 almost all of the components needed to build both great simulations and great physical products.”

5. "Photonics in High-Performance Computing"

There’s no better way to carry information than through light. Over the past several decades, light has enabled the formation of networks across long distances to transform how information is transmitted around the world. Today, networks at short length scales based on light are now poised to enable another revolution in high-performance computing. Hear from Dr. Alex Gaeta, who is the David M. Rickey Professor of applied physics and materials science and professor of engineering at Columbia University and the founder and chief executive officer of Xscape Photonics, as he discusses the latest in photonics technology.

Key takeaway: “If we look at AI in particular, it’s becoming a critical part of our lives on a daily basis. This includes everything from speech recognition to autonomous driving. And AI is going to continue being a key part of tomorrow’s technologies as well.”

Don’t Miss Out – Catch All the Presentations

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