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GRM Joins the Altair Partner Alliance

Altair is delighted to welcome GRM Consulting to the Altair Partner Alliance (APA), where it will give Altair customers access to the calibrated finite element (FE) model of the RailSafe (RS) Dummy within the Altair® Radioss® environment. With the RS Dummy, Altair customers will now be able to engineer and develop train tables and seats to meet the standards of GM/RT2100 within Radioss, which was not previously possible.

With the addition of the RS Dummy, engineers within the rail industry now have access to the most important part of the GM/RT2100 standard’s injury assessment criteria. That means users will no longer need to make assumptions about the deformation and stiffness balance between a train structure and the passenger, since the RS Dummy offers detailed results within Radioss. The RS Dummy’s injury metrics match all those required by GM/RT2100, and it also has a flexible pelvis flesh, which allows users to obtain a standing position. Uniquely, this allows users to assess the design of sleeper trains and research into powered two-wheelers. 

GRM was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Leamington Spa, England. GRM’s software and consulting teams provide engineering support and development methods to customers around the world. GRM is known for its software and understanding of engineering design methods applied within digital environments. GRM has a detailed understanding of structures and materials which it combines with intricate knowledge of test dummies and manufacturing methods.

“Our RS Dummy will give Altair’s customers in the rail industry the ability to design and verify train tables and seats in new ways that comply with modern safety and injury standards,” said Oliver Tomlin, engineering director, GRM. “With our technology, we will be helping engineers and designers develop better, safer products, which will improve the passenger experience and create a better future for all rail passengers.”

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About GRM

GRM Consulting is a design engineering consultancy based in England. Acquired by Solid Solutions in April 2023, the team brings a valuable range of specialist services in all major computer-aided engineering (CAE) techniques to the TriMech Group. Within GRM’s core is the development and application of design optimization methodologies to solve complex engineering problems in the most efficient, cost-effective way. GRM’s vision is to be the first choice for optimized engineering design solutions for organizations all over the world.