Executive Insights

Altair Partner Alliance Fuels Growth for Partners and Customers Alike

By Stephanie Buckner | Chief Operating Officer | August 11, 2020

More than 20 years ago, we started a revolution by developing a patented, units-based licensing model that to this day remains one of our key differentiators. This licensing model gives our customers seamless access to countless software applications at no incremental cost. Traditional software licensing mechanisms are often less flexible and cost prohibitive to access specialized solutions for complex problems. Altair strives to provide engineers and designers easy access to the latest and most advanced software that drives productivity and innovation.

Twelve years ago, we established the Altair Partner Alliance (APA) to deliver on-demand access to third-party software products through our licensing model.

I am proud to report that the APA now includes software applications covering domains as diverse as computational fluid dynamics, fatigue, manufacturing process simulation, and human body modeling. It offers access to technologies specific to a broad spectrum of industries, such as marine, transportation, aerospace, chemicals, and architecture.

Altair Partner Alliance products by domain

In addition to offering customers a vast array of application options, we ensure the access to these 180+ software titles is seamless, both technically and economically. The APA:

  • Allows customers the ability to explore, evaluate and deploy new software without risk
  • Adds zero incremental costs
  • Includes online training and remote licenses
  • Offers direct support from the software experts
  • Simplifies access from a single centralized source under one licensing platform
  • Provides easy access by simplifying IT management

We apply great care when inviting third party software organizations to join the Alliance, and our customers are at the center of this strategy. It’s not as simple as opening up our API to allow for any applications to be part of the APA. We seek strong and differentiated technologies – even if they don’t have large market share – often designed for very specialized, niche use cases that our customers may need to solve complex problems. We are very discerning when it comes to growing the APA and our candidates must meet several criteria before they can join. After all, when it comes to offering solutions to our customers, we always want to put our best foot forward.

We want both our customers and Alliance partners to be successful, so we use the following fit-to-win evaluation criteria to determine which technologies can join the APA:

  • High-quality and high-standard technology
  • Relevance to our customer base
  • High-integrity, professional and dedicated companies
  • Commercially available solutions

Since the APA’s inception in 2008, we’ve experienced a 20% average year-over-year growth rate in partners joining the APA, with 60% of our partners being part of the program for five years or more. And as our customers saw the technical and economic value, their usage grew as well at the rate of a 65% average year-over-year growth. In fact, the average number of total applications (including our own) used by our customers accessing APA products is over 15.

We are proud that the APA has given countless customers the ability to create better products faster. With access to a variety of software through the APA, engineers and designers can easily meet the demands of every industry.
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