Executive Insights

The Perfect Fit for Federal Digital Transformation Initiatives

By Stephanie Buckner | Chief Operating Officer | October 15, 2020

Federal departments and agencies face relentless pressure to improve standards of efficiency, service, and security. This means adopting increasingly sophisticated technologies and adapting in an evolving, complex digital landscape. Systems integrators (SIs) are at the forefront of this strategic repositioning known as a digital transformation.

Like all successful business consultants, these enterprises have a deep understanding of the challenges their clients face, many of whom operate in the federal space. Increasingly, these challenges are complicated by high volumes of data from a diverse range of sources, requiring data preparation, analysis, and visualization.

Altair has deep partnerships with SIs – including Immersion Consulting, CyKor, and BreakForth Solutions – and we are proud to provide a comprehensive portfolio of tools that can perform data analytics quickly and intuitively. What’s more, our open architecture philosophy makes Altair’s solutions a seamless fit with existing software ecosystems.
We are seeing remarkably strong growth in our engagements with SIs and business consultants. Altair Knowledge Works™, our data analytics suite, is a key driver for SIs and plays a critical role in a wide array of federal government applications. Going forward, we are excited to build on this momentum.

This synergy is illustrated by a growing list of successful SI use cases. One of the more interesting applications was undertaken by Immersion Consulting for the U.S. Naval Academy Midshipmen Summer Travel Program. For this project, Altair® Monarch®, our powerful data preparation tool, helped establish an automated, repeatable, and sustainable solution for organizing ship travel for more than 3,000 midshipmen. By leveraging data already present, it delivers timely and comprehensive reports that support decision making in a highly dynamic, complex, and challenging environment.

The human errors, delays, overruns, and financial inconveniences inherent in the previous system have been eliminated.
In the words of Dan Smalley, CEO for Immersion Consulting: “Altair Monarch enabled us to integrate data across all systems intuitively. Monarch’s export and import functionalities allowed us to build a 99% automated process flow, resulting in users spending more time on analyzing and researching variances rather than manual data entry.”  

Here’s what our other business consulting partners have to say about their relationship with Altair:

“Over the years, we’ve developed a thorough understanding of the nuances of the federal technology landscape. As a result, we fully appreciate the benefits that Altair solutions can deliver in this demanding domain.”
- Mike Guadagnini, president and CEO, CyKor

“On account of our collaboration with Altair, BreakForth has an even greater advantage in deploying cutting-edge data extraction and sophisticated data visualization solutions to resolve the often complex, sensitive, mission requirements of our customers.”
- Nichelle Early, president and CEO, BreakForth Solutions

Here at Altair, we believe our solutions are an ideal match for the opportunities and challenges ahead. We’d also like to think we’re a great company to work with. If you’re part of a systems integrator or business consulting team and interested in finding out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].