Executive Insights

Catapult into AI with Altair One™

By Ravi Kunju | Chief Product and Strategy Officer | May 8, 2024

So, your organization wants to start leveraging artificial intelligence (AI)? You’re not alone. Today, everyone is talking about AI – at conferences, in articles – you name it. As AI use continues to increase within organizations of all specialties and sizes, we’re seeing more impactful use cases emerge every day. There’s no doubting AI’s ability, when used strategically, to drive transformational innovation. 

It’s one thing to talk about leveraging AI – it’s another thing to do it well. So much goes into AI use – hardware, software, platforms, experience, scalability, accessibility, etc. Moreover, no two AI vendors and their technology are alike. AI tools and platforms aren’t interchangeable. Some are better than others – and cost and quality may not be correlated. As much as everyone wishes it were true, adopting and using AI across the organization isn’t like flipping a switch or downloading an app. 

Make no mistake – Altair's AI capabilities make it as easy as possible to deploy and scale AI (and achieve many other things). I have spoken at length about what makes Altair’s three product platforms – Altair® HyperWorks®, Altair® RapidMiner®, and Altair® HPCWorks™ – unique. I have also written about our industry-leading Altair Units licensing system, the market’s finest. But there’s something else unique to Altair that catalyzes AI use that because it’s so seamless and intuitive, doesn’t necessarily get a ton of attention: Altair One™


Altair One: Seamlessly Accelerating Innovation

Altair One is our cloud innovation gateway that empowers all our customers to unlock the potential needed to become a true digital enterprise. The platform gives users instant access to every Altair and partner product, and the power to solve on any scale from anywhere, creating a truly dynamic and collaborative environment to accelerate innovation. It’s the connective tissue that unites our three product platforms and gives enterprises a seamless, intuitive user experience while allowing them to organize their data with a completely unified, transparent digital thread. After all, without organized data, there is no AI.

Moreover, enterprises can manage and scale compute resources on-premises and in the cloud, optimizing cost and efficiency. It gives you all the tools you need to catapult your organization into AI by providing both hardware and software access under a single, powerful, scalable, and flexible licensing model. If you have Altair Units, you can get started with AI right now – no need to wait. In short, it’s a true hybrid compute powerhouse.

Think about it this way: What’s the point of adopting AI within your organization? To have just one person or one team capable of using it and sharing its insights? Of course not – AI’s true power is unlocked when it’s democratized throughout the organization. AI is meant to be shared and scaled without silos. This is what Altair One and Altair AI empowers you to do. 

Within it, you can launch different Altair applications, solve jobs, open things in a viewer, share files with team members, and more. Want to also use third-party solutions or data, either locally or in the cloud, within the Altair workflow? No problem. Moreover, Altair One organizes and classifies your data in a single shared environment. This allows users to create inference models for a class of problems much quicker, so you can do a lot more exploration and get instantaneous answers. It’s a huge advantage compared to needing to run traditional solver simulations, wait 10-20 minutes for results, then needing to rinse and repeat.

But as I mentioned, AI delivers minimal value when it’s used in a bubble. Altair One brings all your simulations, models, data, and insight into a single, shared environment. In a way, Altair One operates like Microsoft SharePoint or Google Drive. For example, if you have a file moved or stored to Altair One, it knows what application to invoke to view the file or to submit the deck to run on a high-performance computing (HPC) system. The same can be done when the job is executed: you can post-process the file, invoke a light cloud native 3D viewer, annotate areas of concern, and share it with teammates. This is scalability and collaboration on a whole new level through a single gateway. 


A Heritage of Computational Intelligence

One of the great paradoxes of Altair One is that because it’s such a natural environment for users, it doesn’t get a lot of attention. But if it’s so natural for Altair, why don’t any of our competitors offer a comparable alternative? The answer is that Altair has a unique legacy of computational intelligence grounded in our convergence vision: the convergence of simulation, HPC, data analytics, and AI. Nobody else brings these areas of computational science (Rocket Science + Data Science™) together as well as we do.

The platform’s beauty really shines when you consider that adopting AI throughout the organization is not an easy challenge. It takes a lot of time, money, technological infrastructure, training, talent, and more to kickstart successful AI initiatives. You need simulation, compute, and data at a high level. It’s a long, harrowing journey that many organizations don’t (or aren’t able) to see through. Having a platform like Altair One that removes unnecessary hurdles is invaluable for organizations looking to take their AI capabilities to the next level and for those looking to get started, too.


Final Thoughts

Everyone is looking to catapult into AI – but doing so is much easier said than done. You need a lot of things in one place, and you need a platform that spans the needed technology and organizes data automatically. Altair One is the market’s premier tool to do these things. With it, you can do everything you need to make AI your company’s differentiator: provision scalable resources in the cloud or on-premises through a single pane of glass; run cloud versions of your favorite software; run simulation jobs in the cloud, and more under our best-in-class Altair Units licensing system. 

Get started using Altair One today – your Altair AI journey awaits. We’ll meet you there, no matter what stage you’re at. To learn more about Altair One, visit