Executive Insights

Looking Back on 2022

By Jim Scapa | Chairman and Chief Executive Officer | December 14, 2022

It is hard to believe, but the end of the year is already upon us – and what an eventful year it has been. I am especially proud of our work in data analytics and digital twins, and the progress we made on the new HyperWorks experience. Altair Inspire and Altair SimSolid advanced strongly in 2022 in terms of new capabilities and customer adoption, and our electronics solutions for high-performance computing (HPC) and simulation experienced significant traction at many of the largest technology companies. Beyond these important business and technical gains, we continued to prioritize developing our world-class culture and investing toward a better society to support diversity, sustainability, and to stave off climate change.

I believe Altair is poised to emerge as one of the major data science and analytics players in the world. We have invested more than half a billion dollars into this field including the acquisition of Datawatch in 2018, World Programming in late 2021, and RapidMiner in 2022. This year, our commitment included devoting substantial development resources to integrate these solutions and innovate further. In addition, we are focusing our sales and technical engagement organization to deliver world-class implementation and support for clients across a range of industries. With Altair Units rolling out for data analytics across the board, we anticipate a breakout year in 2023, especially in the manufacturing and business, financial services, and investment (BFSI) verticals.  

In addition, Altair’s digital twin technology solutions are highly differentiated leveraging the convergence of simulation, HPC, and artificial intelligence (AI). They deliver transformational power for organizations to develop better, more sustainable processes and products and allow customers to anticipate problems with solutions, choose more sustainable approaches, reduce waste and carbon emissions, and improve useful life and reusability. All of this is more vital than ever in the wake of this year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27), which stressed we all have a part to play to manage global warming. You can read more about Altair’s sustainability vision and plans of action here.

2022 has been a tumultuous year filled with geopolitical tension, natural disasters, gun violence, climate change, and war, affecting millions of people directly and creating uncertainty, discontent, insecurity, and a rising cost of living for everyone. Everyone at Altair creates our success and pushes the limits of what’s possible, especially amid so much uncertainty. Throughout 2022, we continued to support our workforce, which earned us another top-50 spot on Newsweek’s Most Loved Workplaces list by fostering an environment where everyone is supported, validated, accepted, and valued for their contributions, dedication, and creativity. 

These achievements and more are why I believe Altair is poised to succeed – no matter what happens in the world around us. Our human-driven approach, and steadfast commitment to our values will guide us in times of hardship, prosperity, or something in between, and our vision to make the world a better place will always be our guiding light. 

I look forward to another year as our collective resilience, determination, and creativity, supporting one another and our customers around the world. I am grateful to everyone in the Altair family – employees, customers, and partners – for their efforts and feel fortunate to lead such a wonderful organization.

Happy holidays and happy new year from my family to yours.