Executive Insights

Transforming Chip Technology with Xscape Photonics

By Jim Scapa | Chairman and Chief Executive Officer | February 2, 2023

Recently, we announced a $10 million investment in Xscape Photonics, a startup that has developed patented technology for photonic chips for ultrahigh-bandwidth connections inside data centers and high-performance computing (HPC) systems. We believe photonics represents the next big shift in the computing and chip industry. Photonics drastically reduces power consumption and heat production within chips while simultaneously bolstering the speed and power of transmitted data. In an era where there’s more data traveling around faster than ever, photonics could unlock doors for organizations around the world. 

To further explore this exciting opportunity for both Altair and Xscape Photonics, please watch where Xscape Photonics co-founders Dr. Alexander Gaeta and Vivek Raghunathan and I discuss the details of this investment, why it matters, and the future of photonics technology. 





Click here to learn more about Altair’s investment in Xscape Photonics, and visit to learn more about the company.