Available Modules

ACIS Import Add-on: Import ACIS files directly into CADdoctor.

CADdoctor Standard: CADdoctor is the ultimate desktop application for 3D data translation with check and healing capabilities for data quality. IGES import/export, STL export is included.

CATIA V4 Import Add-on: Import V4 files directly into CADdoctor.

CATIA V5 Import Add-on: Import V5 files directly into CADdoctor.

Geometry Simplification: Automatically simplify features such as fillets, chamfers, holes, and more for cost effective use in computer aided engineering (CAE).

Geometry Verification: Compare data before and after engineering changes to detect geometry, parameter and assembly structure changes.

JT Import Add-on: Import JT files directly into CADdoctor.

Mid-Surface: Automatically and semi-automatically create mid-surfaces from detailed solid models for effective use in CAE.

NX/UG Import Add-on: Import NX/UG files directly into CADdoctor.

Parasolid Export Add-on: Export Parasolid files out of CADdoctor.

Parasolid Import Add-on: Import Parasolid files directly into CADdoctor.

Polygon Extension: Import STL (polygon) files, check and heal polygon data quality and also optimize polygons for CAE analysis.

Pro/ENGINEER Import Add-on: Import Pro/Engineer files directly into CADdoctor.

Reverse Engineering: Translate STL data to CAD data automatically for modeling reference use or CAE purposes.

STEP Import Add-on: Import STEP files directly into CADdoctor.

Modules Not Currently Available Through the APA

ASFALIS: A company-wide solution for translation and optimization of large volumes of data.

CADdoctor / Batch Processing: Fully automate your translation and avoid the hassle of manual work.

CADdoctor / CAD Plug-in Adapters: Import and export CAD data in your CAD interface with genuine API of each system.

DirectTranslator: Solution to translate/heal CAD data from CAD plug-in or folder right-click.

STEP Export: Export STEP files out of CADdoctor.

Products Not Currently Available Through the APA

DFM Studio: DFM Studio is a solution to auto-evaluate the quality of your design in terms of manufacturability, machinability, and moldability based on the design CAD models.

Elysium 3DxSuite: 3DxSUITE provides an all-in-one platform essential to support the MBE lifecycle: PDQ check, translation, validation, simplification, and data packages. 3DxSUITE allows you to begin your model-based journey from any start point now. Expand your solution over time by adding new capabilities step by step at your own pace.

Elysium CADfeature: CADfeature is designed to help you move CAD data from one system to another with features and drawings while maintaining associativity.

Elysium Drawing Validator: Quickly detect and see changes, additions, and removals between 2D drawing versions. Drawing Validator takes the guesswork out of drawing comparison.

Elysium InfiPoints: Accelerate your modeling workflows with seamless point cloud pre-processing and automatic feature extraction along with sharing for all.