Get better injection molding parts and mold designs, faster

Advanced plastic injection molding simulation software to optimize your part, mold, and parameters. Simulate, analyze, and optimize filling, packing, cooling and shrinkage, and warpage, using battle-tested simulation technology, engineered in Germany.

CADMOULD is an advanced plastic injection molding simulation engine for part and mold engineers. Simulate your entire injection molding process from filling to packing, to cooling and shrinkage and warpage. Find and fix issues virtually, before building your mold. Balance your filling, fix air entrapments and weld lines, solve thermal issues like hotspots. Reduce shrinkage and warpage and cut down on cycle time. Identify fiber orientations and optimize the mechanical properties of your part. It's all possible with CADMOULD.

VARIMOS is a unique automation layer for CADMOULD, which unlocks AI-assisted, rapid design variant analysis. It helps you to efficiently set up 10, 20, or more variants of your design in one fell swoop, run the simulations in parallel, and analyze results with AI assistance, across all of your simulation results. As result, it will 1) show you interactively how changes in your design variables affect your goals like shrinkage and warpage or cycle time, 2) make a suggestion for an optimal solution, given your targets and tolerances. The optimum is not a black box: you can change the recommended settings and see how that would change results, in real-time.



Faster Part and Molds Design

Use CADMOULD's speed and VARIMOS's automations to save weeks of engineering time. Make better decisions, faster.

Better Part Quality and Lower Cost

It's not either-or. You can improve your geometric tolerances and shorten cycle time at the same time. The key: design first-time-right parts and molds, using simulation.

Fewer Mold Corrections

Anticipate and solve issues virtually before you build your mold. Reduce the number of costly mold corrections. Save time, money, and material!

Key Features

Simulate Filling Behavior

Simulate filling behavior including the flow path, shear rates, temperatures, weld lines, air entrapments, fiber orientations, and pressure drop.

Simulate Shrinkage and Warpage

Achieve your geometric tolerances! Understand and optimize the impact of fiber orientations, packing pressure, and your cooling system on shrinkage and warpage.

Better Together: Super Compatible!

It's easy to get your data in and out. Import from CAD, export simulation results to structural solvers, metrology software, or your injection molding machine.

Powerful Variant Analysis with VARIMOS

Set up, run, and analyze more simulations faster than ever before using powerful automations. Make better decisions, faster. Take days, not weeks in engineering!

Superior Multi-sim Speed

CADMOULD is optimized for efficiency. When using the same number of CPU cores, it's a lot faster than competing simulations. Run more sims in parallel!

Simulate Special Processes

Work with cascadic/multi-stage injection molding, multi-component injection molding, foaming materials, rubber/thermoset, inserts, and more using VARIMIZE-IT.