CADY by CADY Solutions

Automatic Electrical Schematic Inspection Software

CADY is addressing the problem of commonly found errors in electrical schematics of printed circuit boards (PCBs) – from simple and direct errors to complex logical errors that lead to inefficient use of resources and delay time to market. Typically, errors are detected at the end of a long, expensive trial-and-error process. CADY developed an automatic inspection and verification software of electrical schematics based on cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology. By detecting errors at an early stage, this solution improves and expedites the design process, saves money and resources, reduces the final product's time to market, and contributes to the final product’s quality, reliability, and safety.


Reduce Re-Spins

The CADY system acts as an additional safeguard during the design inspection, providing significant benefits by reducing rework through its comprehensive analysis of the circuit design, from detailed components to the overall structure. 

Touchless Usage

CADY is tailored to meet your requirements, ensuring a convenient workflow and user experience. Just export the netlist and BOM files from your preferred ECAD software and seamlessly upload them to the CADY system – no set-up necessary.

Secured Upload

CADY’s AI isn’t trained on the user’s netlist. Rather, the netlist is uploaded, analyzed, and erased immediately. Data transfer is protected with state-of-the-art encryption, adheres to the strictest security protocols, and the system utilizes secure Amazon servers. Once the analysis is complete, user data is automatically removed from the server. Furthermore, AI analysis is solely utilized for interpreting and comprehending data sheets.

Key Features

Best Practice Recommendations

CADY offers best practice recommendations based on its large expert community's ever-growing design rules pool.

Component Information

CADY alerts users when one of the components in a design is in EOL/ obsolete status, and/or when a component's lead time is very long.

Advanced FPGA Inspections

CADY offers an advanced FPGA inspection per different banks and configurations based on the user's FPGA pin assignment file.

Communications Protocol Validation

CADY detects communication protocol mismatches (I2C, UART, USB, and more), and enforces specific design rules per different protocols.

Deep Voltage Analysis

CADY detects deviations from components' operating conditions, as well as voltages derating and potential leakage.

Connection Instructions

CADY follows connection instructions derived from parsed electrical components' datasheets and detects violations of these instructions in the design.