Available Modules for Altair® Cassini™

Design Data Management

Seamless integrations with MCAD and ECAD tools makes it easier to access product and part data for engineers.

  • SolidWorks, SolidEdge, NX, Inventor, Creo, and CATIA
  • Altium, PADSDesigner, OrCAD, and others
  • Built-in PDM allows users to check in and check out designs
  • Create engineering BOM directly from CAD tools
  • Easily map or create CAD objects to items
  • Search part data directly from CAD tools
  • Eliminate duplicate, redundant CAD data

Project and Requirement Management

Comprehensive project management module with phases, activities, and task assigned to team members and track deliverables for each phase.

  • Create new projects from scratch or from templates
  • Track project progress across phases and tasks
  • Create a team and assign tasks and deliverables 
  • Track project deliverables and their statuses
  • Gantt view shows project progress visually

Item and Part Management

Create, update, and manage all the items like products, assemblies, parts documents and manage all item files, related items, and other information.

  • Manage different types of items
  • Update item attributes and track changes
  • Simple and advanced search functionalities
  • View item revisions and their lifecycle phases
  • View change and quality objects related to items

BOM Management

Comprehensive BOM management, configuration management and variant management for items.

  • Easily create multi-level BOMs
  • Compare BOMs with other revisions and items
  • Create complex BOM configuration rules
  • Easily create variant BOMs and instances
  • Create BOM rollup reports for cost, weight, etc.


Change Management

Create and manage various change objects like ECRs, ECOs, DCR, DCOs, MCOs, Deviations, and Waivers.

  • Supports standard change management processes
  • Customize the processes to meet user needs
  • Track affected items and solutions items
  • Automated workflows and approval processes
  • Track BOM redlines with each change order

Quality Management

Get deep insights into your product quality with various metrics, widgets, and reports. Create detailed inspection plans and execute them.

  • Inspection plans and inspections
  • Track customer problem reports and NCRs
  • Create and manage QCRs to track progress
  • Closed loop process with engineering
  • Dedicated quality dashboard with various widgets

Workflow Management

Automate all the processes with a robust built-in workflow engine and a workflow designer.

  • Drag-and-drop workflow designer
  • Customizable workflows with events and scripting
  • Automatic task creation for approval assignments
  • Track workflow history with timestamps
  • Track voting (approve/reject) of each assigned user
  • Set promote/demote rules
  • Hold and unhold workflows at any point

Compliance Management

Comprehensive processes definition and help organizations to comply with regulatory and legal requirements.

  • Define required declarations, substance, and specifications
  • ROHS and REACH compliance for the application of the materials
  • Create/link specifications with substance
  • Create/link substances with declarations

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