Feed Chain and Waveguide Component Analysis and Design

With CHAMP 3D, users can build a complex 3D or rotationally symmetrical waveguide assembly/feed by selecting from a library of predefined components or load the assembly/component from a CAD file. Scattering parameters and radiation from feeds excited by arbitrary waveguide modes or any combination hereof can be calculated. Users can also use the dedicated wizard and 2D editor to easily set up axially or radially corrugated horns, smooth-wall horns, and rotationally-symmetric reflectors, and VSATs.

The optimization algorithms available for any product in TICRA Tools offer both global and local methods for thorough design developments. S-parameters and return loss are typically considered, just as the feed pattern may be formed to meet a specified shape.



Fast Analysis and Optimization

Dedicated solvers and a vast component library enable fast analysis and optimization.


All-in-One Analysis and Design

Users can analyze and optimize feeds, waveguides, and reflectors as a single model.


Seamless TICRA Tools Compatibility

Combine with other TICRA offerings within the APA to amplify designs and optimize performance.

Key Features

Waveguide Analysis

Calculate scattering parameters for 3D and rotationally symmetric passive metallic and dielectric waveguide components.

Feed Design

Calculate reflection coefficients, scattering parameters, and radiation patterns for rotationally symmetric and arbitrarily shaped feeds.

Dedicated Solvers

The most appropriate solver (analytical expressions, mode matching, higher-order BoR-MoM, or higher-order 3D MoM) is selected for each component.

Efficient Reuse Algorithm

Fast recalculation of waveguide assemblies by use of the Generalized Scattering Matrix (GSM) approach for decomposing the assembly into smaller components.

Intuitive 2D Wizard

Dedicated wizard and 2D editor for easy geometry setup of corrugated horns, smooth-wall horns, and rotationally-symmetric reflector systems.


Direct optimization with goals on scattering parameters as well as primary and secondary radiation patterns.