Available Modules

7 Post Rig Analysis Toolbox: It is the virtual equivalent of a 7 post shaker rig, without the expense. It allows users to run frequency analysis and load variation analysis on their suspension setups.

Aero Modeling Toolbox: Can reverse engineer the car's aerodynamics properties from captured data from the car.

Auto Bump Generation Toolbox: Can work out the road surface profile from captured data from the car.

Drivetime Toolbox: Allows the user to drive their car with their setup changes on a virtual track. This the ChassisSim version of R-Factor, Asseto Corsa and iRacing, that can be connected to Driver in the loop hardware.

Lap Time Simulation: Shows you how your set up will work on the track you have selected and provide a lap time / elapsed time. This can be a motorsport circuit or a test track facility. It will predict the lap time of your car's your ultimate performance.

Optimization Toolbox: This will work out the optimum settings of your car for track you have selected.

Tire Force Modelling Toolbox: This reverse engineers a tyre model from captured data from the car.