Cobra by Cetim

Bolted Joints Analysis, Review, Verification, Failure Analysis, and Dimensioning

Cobra is used in the industry to address complex bolted and screwed joints with critical safety and security issues.

Major companies in the transportation industry use Cobra to analyze dynamic assemblies. The software is widely used across the gas, petroleum, agriculture, and construction industries for design and analysis of heavy duty assemblies.

Cobra has unique experience in bolted joint analysis, review, verification, failure analysis, and dimensioning, with controlled torque pre-tightening, following VDI 2230 recommendation and extensions to standards NF E 25030-1, NF E 25030-2.

Why Cobra?

Explore Fastener Catalog

Design assemblies are compliant with fastener catalog assemblies, automotive practices, and incorporation of the manufacturer’s specific fastener.

Minimize Weight of Assemblies

Answers specific standards and geometric requirements while ensuring safety constraints.

Reduce in Production Costs

Reduction of time and cost production thanks to the standardization of joints and tightening settings.

Cobra Features

Design and Analysis

Based on experience in bolted and screwed joints verification and failure analysis, Cetim has developed design and analysis functions beyond those of VDI 2230.

30-minute Design and Verification Time

While hand calculations or verification with other tools usually takes days, Cetim offers 30-minute design and verification time for a complex assembly. 

Operational Data and Production

100% focused on operational data and production, Cetim takes into account installation error and data dispersion.

Data Validation

With continuous verification of data compliance and validation, Cetim is the only software editor with laboratory.

Industry Management

Cetim is the only software editor managed by the industry.

Support Sessions

Cetim is the only editor with recognized field expertise, with 450 experts able to provide support sessions in addition to onsite training.