Digital Asset Marketing​

As a critical driver for growth and success, digital marketing is now the norm for companies in the world of asset management. Companies are investing fortunes in marketing platforms to integrate disparate systems and effectively distribute, run, and assess campaigns. But such robust platforms don’t guarantee “close-a-deal” success. Usually governed by business rules and instinct, asset under management (AUM) sales personnel still face many lost opportunities among wholesalers, advisors, and bank distributers.

Use our specialized models to ensure you reap the full benefit of all your customer assets. These include:

Cross-sell model
Our cross-sell model makes fund recommendations based on a customer’s current asset allocation.

Upsell model​
Using a customer’s purchase history, this model provides suggestions for fund purchases that are likely to be within the customer’s reach.​

Purchaser model​
Our consultants use an effective suite of tools to guide fund distributors towards optimal approaches when running marketing campaigns. Reduce campaign budget waste and deploy it where it will be effective by using our purchaser predictive model to identify customers more likely to make a significant purchase within a specific period. Use this model to target potential “lost opportunities” customers who will respond to marketing and to identify where additional marketing effort is wasted, for example among “sure thing” customers who will buy anyway and “lost cause” users who never respond.

Asset at risk model​
Use our asset at risk model to predict a fund’s redemption rate over a specific period and to identify customers who are most likely to make significant redemptions within a specific period.

Lifetime value model
Increase your marketing efforts’ impact and cost-efficiency to increase the number of assets under management and reduce customer redemption. Our investment management solution for optimizing sales and marketing can outperform rule-based decisions by up to 6x.

Use multiple models within our investment solution to predict:

  • Significant redemptions and purchases at either agent or fund level​
  • Fund redemption rate​
  • Best funds to purchase
  • Best contact channel recommendations​

And deploy our business strategies to maximize customer lifetime value and minimize operational cost.

Solution Capabilities

  • Maximize asset growth
  • Reduce redemption
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Evaluate environmental and social governance (ESG) risk factors and impact
  • Integrate API with sales and marketing platforms

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