Altair SLC™

Move to a flexible, modern analytics platform with minimal business impact

Altair provides a complete replacement SAS language environment with low- and no-code tools supporting advanced analytics features, high productivity, and short development and deployment cycles.

Altair SLC runs programs written in SAS language without translation or any third-party products or licences required. Its support for Python, R, and SQL — and the ability to combine program modules built in any of these languages — makes it the perfect way to facilitate major migration projects as well as maintain libraries of SAS language programs at reduced cost.

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Why Altair SLC?

Three senior IT professionals examine workflows related to migrating from SAS software to Altair SLC to run SAS, Python, and R code in a mixed language development and production environment.

Seamless Migration

Our code analysis tools can analyze thousands of SAS language programs in minutes and our team will leverage their years of experience to support you through the complete migration process, including assessment, proof of concept, and rollout. Confirm compatibility for program files stored on mainframes, servers, in the cloud, or on local machines.

IT executive writing SAS code and running it in Altair SLC alternative SAS language development and production software.

Complete SAS Language Support

Our SAS language compiler runs SAS language and macro syntax, and includes procedure support for statistics, time series analytics, operational research, machine learning, matrix manipulation, operational research, graphing, and output delivery.

Mainframe computer running a combination of SAS, Python, and R code in a mixed development environment under Altair SLC.

Multi Language, Multi-Platform

Combine SAS language, Python, R, and other modern analytics technologies together in a coherent, future-proof platform. Install SLC in the cloud, on-premises, on mainframes, or on a hybrid architecture. Simplify end-to-end analytics workflows from multiple siloed data processes and streamline DevOps bottlenecks with assisted deployment through open web APIs.


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Move to Altair’s Alternative SAS Language Environment in 3 Steps

Key Features

Access Any Data

Altair SLC can access virtually any data source, including cloud services, Hadoop, data warehouses, databases, SAS language, SPSS, Microsoft® Excel®, CSV, and other file-based data formats with no limits on data volumes.

Flexible Deployment

Use Altair SLC in batch or standalone mode to execute programs and models, or use it with Altair Analytics Workbench™, our integrated development environment environment with unique visual workflow development and coding facilities to create, maintain, and execute your programs and models.

Schedule Jobs / Build Execution Pipelines

When using Altair SLC with Altair SLC Hub™, you can also schedule jobs for specific times and days, and you can use visual tools to build execution decision pipelines with defined rules and conditions.

Altair SLC™ is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace. Users can seamlessly deploy Altair SLC and associated software packages to their Google Cloud environment.

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